Mirza Al Mahfood

#32 - How Google Markets Google, with Fab Dolan

Google’s marketing machine is truly massive, operating across a huge range of fronts at an incredible scale. They not only use but also pioneer analytical tools that enable them to work in groundbreaking ways to reach audiences in the “moments that matter.” In this episode, Fab Dolan, Head of Google Marketing in Canada, pulls back the curtain and shares insights into how Google runs its marketing. And he ties what Google does to strategically tactical steps that companies with a fraction of the budget and staff can take to make their marketing more effective. The truth is that while scale and technology make a difference, the basics of good marketing remain the same. Guest - Fab Dolan, Head of Google Marketing, Canada Drawing on his background at General Mills, where he led direct marketing for iconic brands such as Cheerios and Green Giant, Feb Dolan has helped Think With Google, the market research and insights platform, surge to more than 60,000 Canadian subscribers in just the past few years. His team also spearheads hardware marketing with Google’s Pixel and Home offerings, and it created Go North, an initiative to mentor and support Canadian tech startups. What’s more, he advises Toronto-area students to help shape the next generation, and he co-founded Serving for Sinai, which raises funds for medical research. All of this activity has boosted Dolan’s profile as a heavyweight thought leader and in-demand public speaker. Host: Alex Langshur