Mirza Al Mahfood

#25 - The Champion’s Mindset, with Razor Ray Franklin

High performers: they can transform an agency and handle huge, difficult deals all while publishing, speaking and being active in their communities. How do they do it? What are the factors that enable them “to exist on a different plane of productivity” (to quote Charles Duhigg)? Elite athletes give us a good example of the mental preparation required to achieve that powerful, energized focus. In this episode, elite coach Razor Ray Franklin shares what top athletes do — from a strategically tactical perspective — to gain the competitive edge. Guest: “Razor” Ray Franklin, Elite Coach Trained in martial arts, “Razor” Ray Franklin pursued a career in kickboxing as a young man. After leaving the sport, he transitioned into coaching and worked with Dallas Cowboys players on strength and conditioning. He moved to Las Vegas where he worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs to rehabilitate blind veterans. During his time there, he met legendary boxing coach Kenny Adams, who asked Franklin to work with some of his fighters. Now he’s known throughout the boxing world for his ability to get results from his charges, having trained 4-time world champion Danny Green. Franklin’s training regimen led to Green’s come-from-behind win in a record-breaking championship megafight in Australia. Host: Alex Langshur