Mirza Al Mahfood

#30 - Mindfulness in the Business World, with Ben Feder

Ask just about anyone how they’re doing, and an all-too-common answer is “busy.” Being busy—or too busy—seems like the normal state of things. Maybe that’s why mindfulness is becoming a more predominant subject in our culture as a response to the high levels of stress so many of us face in our professional lives. If we aren’t giving attention to our personal state and to our close relationships, our lives can fall apart regardless of how successful we are at work. This episode sheds light on how mindfulness meshes with high performance in the corporate world as Ben Feder talks about the difference that meditation and mindfulness have made in his life. Take a deep breath. The adventure begins. Guest - Ben Feder, President of International Partnerships, Tencent Games Prior to joining Tencent (makers of China’s super-app, WeChat), Ben served as co-founder, partner and vice chairman of ZelnickMedia Corporation/ZM, a media investment and management firm, and was also Chief Executive Officer and board member at Take Two Interactive, the publisher of hit video games like Grand Theft Auto. In 2016 he decided to step back from the boardroom and take his family to live in Bali for a year. That experience changed his life as described in his book, Take Off Your Shoes: One Man’s Journey from the Boardroom to Bali and Back. A devoted family man first and foremost, Ben now lives in New York City with his wife and four children. Host: Alex Langshur