Mirza Al Mahfood

#23 - How to grow your business, with Robert Craven

Starting a new business can be an exciting time, full of possibilities! However, it’s not all fun and games - growing a business can be difficult, especially for those that have no prior experience. Are you looking for business coaching or advice on starting and growing a business? If so, you’re in luck! In this episode, Robert Craven shares with us 5 tactical lesson he has learned over the years as an entrepreneur and business growth consultant. Guest: Robert Craven, International Keynote business speaker, author and business growth consultant Robert started his first business at the age of 21 and has since seen almost every aspect of running and growing a business. Voted number 42 in the UK Power 100 for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs, Robert has worked on designing and implementing business strategy and marketing projects with household names such as Virgin, Barclays and BlackBerry and has contributed to success stories such as Nando’s, Mitie and Dickies. He has written 10 business books, including Grow your Digital Agency (foreword by Google), Customer is King and Check-in Strategy Journal. Robert is appointed as Adviser and Consultant to the boards and senior management teams of digital agencies and businesses in all sectors. He is the go-to expert on growing digital agency businesses, advising PLCs and multinationals, including Google Partners in Singapore, Romania, Netherlands, Athens, and Brussels. Host: Alex Langshur